Mission Statement

OVRTA/EORTA's mission is to provide reliable, efficient, safe, clean and courteous transportation services to the citizens of the Wheeling urbanized area.

Goals & Objectives


  1. To consitently seek to increase system utilization by the public.
  2. To operate an efficient and cost effective system.
  3. To enhance the mobility options of the public.


  1. To raise the profile of transit in the region by providing ongoing information to the public which illustrates the scope and quality of the service and performance of the system.
  2. To stabilize and then increase ridership systemwide within existing service levels over time.
  3. To tailor transit service so that annual operating revenues and subsidies are sufficient to offset yearly operating expenses.
  4. To prudently leverage Federal and/or State funding with local levy revenues to maintain and/or upgrade service, rolling stock, facility and customer amenities.
  5. To work at removing, where appropriate, travel constraints facing the elderly and disabled, particularly ADA paratransit eligible individuals.
  6. To provide transit-related amenities and/or facilities, where warranted and financially practical, to encourage increased transit ridership.
  7. To identify, for consideration, alternative transportation modes suitable to serve transit needs and markets not currently served by existing system, to better serve residents of the region.
  8. To work at assuring that transit riders have comparable access, in terms of average travel time, to major destinations in the service area.