OVRTA/EORTA Rider Policies

Bus pass must be shown each time upon boarding.

All those 6 years of age or older will be considered adults.

Children under 6 years of age MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult/guardian that will supervise their behavior on the bus.

All riders are prohibited from all tobacco use, drinking, eating, vaping and E-Cigarettes.
Disruptive behavior and or assault can result in ejection from the bus, suspension of service usage/or arrest under the State laws of West Virginia or Ohio.

OVRTA/EORTA is not responsible for articles left on the buses.

Animals are not permitted on the bus unless properly caged, or unless it is a service animal needed by a disabled rider (e.g., a seeing eye dog).

Courtesy stops or a reasonable modification for a disabled rider can be made only if the driver determines it is safe to do so, it does not fundamentally alter the nature of the service and/or it is needed to permit the disabled rider to use the service for their intended purpose.

For the comfort and safety of the driver and other passengers, passengers MUST maintain good personal hygiene.

Cell phone use by the passengers is permitted. The volume must be kept to a minimum. Use of speaker phones and radios is prohibited.