While the Wheeling, WV area has enjoyed access to mass transit since the 1860's, the Ohio Valley Regional Transportation Authority (OVRTA) and the Eastern Ohio Regional Transit Authority (EORTA) are the two agencies that currently provide public mass transit for the region. The two authorities work cooperatively to serve member communities on both sides of the Ohio River.

The OVRTA operates, in part, seven fixed bus routes in the West Virginia communities of Wheeling and Bethlehem in Ohio County, as well as Benwood and McMechen in Marshall County.

The seven fixed routes operated by the OVRTA are the Elm Grove/Highlands, McMechen, Mount de Chantal, Mozart/Bethlehem, North Park/Wheeling Heights, Warwood and Wheeling Island.

The EORTA operates four fixed bus routes that primarily serve the Ohio communities in Belmont and Jefferson Counties of Bellaire, Bridgeport, Brookside, Martins Ferry, Rayland, Shadyside, Tiltonsville, Yorkville and the communities located along the Blaine route west of Brookside (i.e., Wolfhurst, Lansing and Blaine). The four EORTA bus routes also cross the Ohio River to offer service to and from downtown Wheeling.

The four fixed routes operated by the EORTA are the Blaine/Ohio Valley Mall, Martins Ferry/Rayland, Martins Ferry/Yorkville and Shadyside runs.

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